I do not fear

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Acrylics on a 50x70cm 360gr heavy paper.

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Acrylics on a 70x50cm 360gr heavy paper.

Buildings have always been a favorite subject for. They always return on my canvas or paper on special moments. Moments that are happy, sad, difficult or have something to reveal.

Last year I lost my day job, the one that “brings home the bacon” but keeps me from my biggest dream since I’m a child: being a full-time artist.

I fell in a creative block from the stress of what’s next and from once again having the will and thirst to work even harder and pursue my dream. And while trying to break this creative blockage and feel free again just enjoying the creative process, these wonderful buildings appeared.
Bold and strong looking at me and telling me: you have nothing to be afraid of. Yes, I do not fear. Because whatever is done with love it is done well. And if there is something I Know well is that I will keep painting and keep following my dream until the very end. Because that’s simply what makes me happy.


*the photo of the artwork in the interior is not in scale. The frame shown is for demonstration purposes and it is not included in the price.

Additional information

Weight 0.360 g
Dimensions 70 × 0.01 × 50 cm

360gr acrylic paper




UW mat protective coating


One of a kind artwork, signed on the front, certificate of authenticity on the name of the buyer


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