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I am Filothei, a Greek artist who currently lives in Nijmegen. Expressing myself through art has always been my highest goal in life. Through a long journey of personal hardship, I reconnected with myself by making art. This is expressed in my own unique way: always spontaneous, unconditional and experimental. Since I have not limited myself to just one way of creating, my art has many different aspects and styles. It always reflects my emotional state at the moment of creation, what moved me, what made me happy or what took my sadness away. My self is there, visible and vulnerable, everything comes out straight from my heart. The only thing I want to do is to create and share these feelings with everybody. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Sharing my passion with the world

I have the privilege and the honor to share my passion with the world around me. Since I decided to follow my dream and honor my talent, my artworks have been sold all over the world. Nothing makes me happier than finding new loving homes for my artworks that represent my emotions and are a piece of myself. It is always hard letting them go, but knowing that they will make someone else happy, puts a smile on my face and keeps me motivated to create even more. Thank you for visiting my gallery and taking a journey through my art.

People 80
Landscapes 60
Abstract 90
Cityscapes 80
Mixed media 85


Mood art! Makes you think everytime you see a piece of her art!

Danae Papadopoulou

Her art is incredibly emotional. She uses colors and materials in amazing combinations. I would call each of her artworks a testament.

Bessy Alexandratos

Beautiful colors that take you to magical places !!!!

Athena Pappas